Guernsey manages four distinct businesses, which operate under the Sonic, Zaxby's, 7 Brew, and Take-5-Oil Change brands.

Guernsey Sonic

Year of Inception: 2021
Type: Equity
Status: Active
Brand: Sonic
Number of Locations: 100
Markets: Louisiana, Texas, Illinois, Arkansas, Idaho & Washington
Headquartered: Las Vegas, NV
Brand President: Jacques Grondin

Guernsey Zaxby's

Year of Inception: 2024
Type: Equity
Status: Active
Brand: Zaxby's
Number of Locations: 20
Markets: South Carolina
Headquartered: Florence, South Carolina
Brand President: Candice Anderson

Guernsey 7 Brew

Year of Inception: 2023
Type: Equity
Status: Active
Brand: 7 Brew Coffee
Number of Locations: 53-Unit Development Agreement
Markets: Nevada
Headquartered: Las Vegas, Nevada
Brand President: Will Manderscheid

Mac Foods Group

Year of Inception: 2018
Type: Equity
Status: Exited
Brand: Little Caesars
Number of Locations: 38
Markets: Michigan
Headquartered: Davidson, Michigan

High Road Auto Group

Year of Inception: 2022
Type: Equity
Status: Active
Brand: Take-5-Oil Change
Number of Locations: 3
Markets: New Jersey
Headquartered: Lawnside, NJ
Brand President: Jerome Staley