Guernsey Grows

Guernsey Holdings is pleased to announce the addition of Greg Grambling, Chief Financial Officer, Will Manderscheid Senior Director and Andrew Guido, Associate, to its team.

Greg Grambling brings a wealth of experience to the table. Throughout his career, he has successfully led numerous transactions, showcasing his exceptional skills in navigating the intricacies of the industry. In his position as CFO, Greg will be entrusted with critical responsibilities such as financial planning and analysis, making capital allocation decisions, and driving corporate strategy.

Will Manderscheid brings a diverse skill set and valuable insights to his position. With his extensive background and expertise in accounting, finance, and mergers and acquisitions, Will is well-positioned to guide Guernsey Holdings in identifying lucrative investment opportunities, implementing effective taxation strategies, and ensuring seamless corporate integrations.

Andrew Guido is responsible for underwriting and evaluating new investment opportunities and aiding in financial planning and analysis. Prior to joining Guernsey, Andrew was an investment professional at Lafayette Square and Jefferies LLC, where he focused on private markets investments across industries. 

Guernsey Holdings is a private holding company that owns, operates and grows consumer-facing businesses. If you have interest in partnering with Guernsey Holdings please contact us at